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MCG Internships

Apply your skills with an accounting internship

An accounting internship is a great way to apply what you are learning in the classroom to the business world. Internships allow you to begin laying the foundation for what we hope is a long-term career with us. Everyone at the Firm is committed to seeing you succeed and grow during your time at MCG. To facilitate those deeper working relationships, you will also have a mentor and a peer buddy who will be with you every step of the way to provide guidance and feedback. The goal of all of our internships is to open up a career path for you with unlimited potential.

In addition to our grade point and degree requirements, we interview for behavioral skills that translate to working well with others. We can teach you the industry, but we can’t teach you attitude. When you interview with us, we will look for:

  • Positive attitude and motivation
  • Desire to initiate action
  • Willingness to go the extra mile
  • Respect for others
  • Integrity

What Will I Learn?

All of our internship positions offer an opportunity to learn firsthand about the Firm, our culture, and our public accounting services.

You will gain a valuable education in the public accounting industry and the confidence to smoothly transition from the classroom to a business setting.

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Inside Stories

Internship Application

As an MCG intern, you will be given a unique insight into how the Firm operates and will work closely with our people and our clients on live engagements.
Who Can Apply

This program is geared towards students in their junior or senior year of school working towards an accounting degree.

Application Deadline

Our deadlines vary by school. Please check your school’s careers site for specific deadlines.

About our Internship Program

Our interns are given all of the opportunities and responsibilities of a full time employee. Over the 10- 12 week internship program, you will be given the chance to work with and learn from some of the most talented professionals in the industry. All of our interns take part in a firm-wide orientation where you will learn about our culture, as well as the benefits and responsibilities of being a member of MCG.

How To Apply